The most portable, pocket-sized percussion instrument in the world.


Khartal is the oldest  percussion instrument known to man yet most people have never heard or seen it before.   The design of the khartal is simple at first glance, but don’t be fooled, this instrument takes a great amount of balance and dexterity even to play a simple rhythm.  The slightest of hand gestures and arm movements produce an array of colorful tones when clapped together.  When played at high speeds, it can sound like a machine gun or galloping horse.


Playing the khartal is like ‘tap dancing with your fingers’ and it is synonymous to the spoons or castanets.  The khartal is made from hardwoods such as hard maple, wenge, paduak, rosewood, bubinga, black locust and many more.  Khartals are all hand-made and manufactured in Brooklyn, NYC at Surya Records.  Khartals are designed to be conveniently compact to fit on your belt and are durable enough to last a lifetime.  Electrobones is our new hybrid electric/acoustic version of the Khartal.  Its almost like carrying a drum orchestra in your pocket! 


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